Vintage Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Silver Sparkle Top Wow

Fender Road Worn 50s Precision Bass Fiesta Red
Fender Road Worn 50s Precision Bass Fiesta Red
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 212401807118178430 Vintage Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Silver Sparkle Top Wow

Wow!  Look at this classic Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Keyboard.  Yes, it is like the one Ray Manzarek used in The Doors.  It is the elusive, highly sought after super rare SILVER SPARKLE TOP model.  Now we were curious about the date on this one.  I've shot a few pictures of the info that is on the inside of this classic.  But, we are not sure which number pertains to the date it was made.  The serial number is 1667.  But there is another number in the upper right hand corner inside the piano bass and that number says 33  73.  We've researched this date question and didn't get a definitive answer as to how to tell what year it was made.  Some say the serial number tells the date others say that other number gives the manufacturing date. was either 1/6/67 or 3/3/73.  Can anyone out there clear up this mystery?  I will post any pertinent info on this questionable date for all to see.

Now about the keyboard.  It has 32 keys and from what I was told the keyboard represents the bottom part of a Fender Rhodes piano.  There are a few, what I would assume, are minor problems with the keyboard.  There are a few notes that are a bit slow - action wise.  The low "A" sticks a bit and the very last note on the top - the"B" - sticks a bit as well.  Also as you can see there is a cigarette burn on two of the keys.  Or, I'm assuming it was a cigarette that did the damage.  Maybe it was something else?? 

The condition of the SILVER SPARKLE top is pretty good.  Yes, there are a few minor scratches but they do not detract from the overall look of the SPARKLE top.  You can see both logos in the pics I took for their respective conditions.

The case has a bit of a musty smell to it from storage and the covering on the case is coming loose around the edges here and there.  That is to be expected on a vintage model such as this.  There are corner dings and the like as well.

I plugged in the keyboard and it has the classic sound you'd expect from this vintage model.  It sounds GREAT!  The tone knob and volume knob are in working order.

The keyboard with the case weighs a whopping 55 pounds.  So it will be a bit heavier with all the packing materials.  If you live nearby and want to pick it up please do so.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

Don't miss your opportunity to own this piece of rock and roll history - The Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Keyboard.  Thanks for looking!

****Here is a note from a fellow eBayer that states the following - for those playing along at home:

Dear jazzbojohn,

You are very welcome. I must correct the person that said the top wasn't original. The first generation silvertops(similar but different) were only made until 1969, the design changed and this current style was made until early 1974. This is an original 1973 silvertop. I know where the that person got their info and it's incorrect on the Fender Rhodes Supersite....go to the forum and many will tell you. Many early 70s model silvertops exist.

- sithadjuster

So there...........



 212401807118178431 Vintage Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Silver Sparkle Top Wow

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