Fender Bassman 20 Tube Rare Harp Amp, Bass/ Guitar Amp

1978 fender precision bass sunburst all original
1978 fender precision bass sunburst all original
   US $2,199.00
 82903304735470210 Fender Bassman 20 Tube  Rare Harp Amp, Bass/ Guitar Amp

Hi, up for sale is a 1982 ULTRA RARE Fender Bassman 20 > read the bottom of this site

This cool amp has 1 x 15, two 6v6's and two 12ax7's giving it 18 watts of jamming tone! The speaker is original! The tubes are original FENDER labled RCA's! The capacitors are original....EVERYTHING is ORIGINAL!!! Does it work?! Absolutely!!It can really crank if you turn up the knobs!!!

The controls are Volume, Treble, Mids and Bass...nice simple and easy to use!! It has a LINE OUT feature for running it through the PA and it has a 'HUM BALANCE' as well! Even the tube chart is there! Best of all is it is one of the LAST hand wired FENDER amps and LOOKS like the old FENDERS too!!

Bass players looking for something small to play through instead of 2 million pounds of amp eqipment, really ought to get this this youtube>

Harp players can blow through this amp and get all the lows they want..not a bad harp amp to say the least....with the LINE OUT,feedback will be not much of a problem and volume to be heard is definatly going to happen with this amp!

Guitar guitarist just loves to jam on this amp!..He loves its low end! Turned up on guitar, this amp has a decent growl!You could look at this amp as an alternative to theold  Deluxe's as it has 18 watts and is powered by two 6v6's,but with a lower price tag! Better yet, no one else HAS one! Now how COOL is that?!!

what else can i say?!! It will work for many applications!! the last one of these amps went for 635. I figure 650 'buy it now' is more than fair for one with the functional Fender labled original tubes ,caps and speaker...Go to completed listings and you'll see what i mean...

the only cosmetic damage is in the pictures. One little chink on the back panel>other than that, this is a damn nice conditioned amp!!


As with any electrical device, there are NO RETURNS! I am not Wal Mart....This is an AS IS deal like if you bought something from someone off of Craigslist or a Pawn shop....

thanks for looking and i hope you win this ultra rare tube amp!

 82903304735470211 Fender Bassman 20 Tube  Rare Harp Amp, Bass/ Guitar Amp

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