1985 ‘57 (1957) Fender P-bass (precision Bass) Reissue

Fender Road Worn 50s Precision Bass Fiesta Red
Fender Road Worn 50s Precision Bass Fiesta Red
   US $999.99
 16892506723868410 1985 57 (1957) Fender P bass (precision Bass) Reissue

Time to thin the herd!  This bass is from the first year of Post-CBS production Fenders.  That is, 1985 is the first year of production after CBS sold to Fender's current owners.  It's a Passive 1985 '57 (1957) Fender Precision Bass (P-Bass) in what was once white - now faded to a beautiful cream. It's been played and has aged nicely with lots of character (some would say dings). Two Bartolini stacked jazz pickups in addition to original P-Bass split pickup.  Three way switch goes from P-Bass only for that traditional thump - to P-Bass plus two Barts for full range tone - to the Barts only for a beefy jazz (and incredible Slap !!!) tone. I intended to install a second switch to allow choosing either /or the two Barts, but never got around to it.  Neck is straight.  Frets are in good conditon with plenty of life left in them.  Action is low w/  45 - 105's installed.  Amazing Bass!  Amazing tonal range!   

The folks I originally bought this from sold it to me as a Made in America (MIA American) Reissue.  But I seem to recall that no Fenders were made in the US in 1985,86 - that, in fact, they were all made in Japan that year (that was the transition year when CBS sold it to Fender's current owners - and the current owners had not yet built their US production facility).  So, this may have been manufactured in Japan but marketed as MIA.  There is no "Made in Japan" tag, and the parts seem to be american, but the serial number is almost correct for a 85 Made In Japan model (starts with the correct alpha character "A" for an '85  '57 reissue, but doesn't have the right number of numerals).  BUT it doesn't have the cheesy plastic pickguard that that MIJ reissues usually had (it has the  period correct U.S. pickguard). According to one website, 80% of Fender instruments sold iin the US from late '84 through '85 were sourced from fender Japan.  Wherever it was given birth, this bass sounds and plays great!!!  I've had a number of vintage instruments and this one has the vibe.  UPDATE:  My guitar tech believes this to indeed be a Fender that was marketed as MIA but assembled in Japan while the US plant was being built.  As such, and if my tech knows what he's talking about, it is a relatively rare piece of history.  

No case but will be packed very carefully.  I may or may not have an extra gig bag at the time of sale.  If I do, I'll include it.  No promises!  Good luck.

 16892506723868411 1985 57 (1957) Fender P bass (precision Bass) Reissue

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