1978 Fender Precision Bass

Fender Japan PB62 Precision Bass Old Lake Placid Blue F S from Japan
Fender Japan PB62 Precision Bass Old Lake Placid Blue F S from Japan
   US $939.00
 65061604760713200 1978 Fender Precision Bass

1978 FENDER PRECISION BASS - Serial #S874095 - This bass has rarely been out of it's case since it was new and hasn't seen any sunlight since it left the store. It may have been polished at the store but there is no indication to the naked eye and tiny whorls show up with a flash but are invisible otherwise. It was barely touched or played other than the previous owner and myself picking it up for a few minutes now and again and checking it out before returning it to the case. The original owner claims that it was taken out once and used at a jam session at his apartment for about two hours but there is no evidence of it being picked, poked or rubbed other than a few very tiny marks that were probably made when it was on display in the store.

It's extremely difficult to get good photos inside and I'll try again in the sunlight and without a flash. I won't scratch it cleaning it so there are lots of dust and smudge marks that I can only lightly brush and blow away. The pristine condition of the finish and the metal will hopefully show through in the photos and I welcome a hands on inspection, which is the best way to see and appreciate it. The case is in the same immaculate condition other than being a little dirty on the outside and the metal latches have oxidized. All of the fabric glue joins are solid and the fabric looks like the day it came out of the factory. It came with a Fender strap that I've been using and I'll include it.

It's a great bass and as good a player as it gets but it has been destined to be a collectors piece and there are likely very few pieces in this untouched condition that are 30+ years old. It has been handled and there are some marks if you look hard enough but it's as unblemished as any new instrument sitting in a shop. I am directing this sale to collectors only. You can get the same bass that's been played for 1/3 to 1/2 the price. I won't look at offers and I won't take it apart to validate it. What I will do is to ship it directly to an authorized appraiser at the buyers expense and if it turns out to not be authentic I'll refund the money and pay the appraisers fee. I bought it in good faith and I'm selling it the same way and my excellent feedback score and accompanying comments will verify my integrity. It's too easy to mark it if handled improperly and therefore I will only accept a return if it was sent by me directly to an appraiser and is returned to me by the appraiser. Once I ship it to a buyer I will not accept it back for any reason and bidders should consider the cost of an appraisal as insurance before they commit to buy. Please note that the value on the appraisal will have no bearing on the price regardless of which way it goes. I want to buy a Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass if anyone wants to do a trade plus cash. 

There are several things that can damage it aside from rough handling during overseas shipping and I have to regretfully decline to accept any overseas bids. I will take Canadian and Mexican bids but it's too large to ship USPS and UPS and FedEx may be very expensive and problematic with customs. It may be cheaper to get a quick return flight to Las Vegas to pick it up and take it back as luggage. I can have it ready to inspect and pack with padding and a box that will be sufficient for rough handling by most ground crews. I'll credit $100.00 for a local pickup and will help with hotel reservations.


 65061604760713201 1978 Fender Precision Bass

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